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Welcome to India's magnificent culinary heritage…

Indian food is an unending treasure trove of flavors and fragrances painstakingly stirred together with day to day staples as well as exotic ingredients to serve up a feast. Our food also is presented in a variety of different cooking styles to reflect the multicultural mosaic that is India. From simple steaming to the exquisite texture of a tandoori roast, from delectable deep fried appetizers to the luxury of a dum-pukht biryani with succulent lamb or chicken marinated and cooked with the warmth of a mother's heart…We bring to our patrons an opportunity to partake of this magnificent culinary heritage which has the ability to hold on to its roots at the same time adapt to international palates.

Our menu offers many options for Vegetarians, Vegans, or those on Gluten Free diets. If you have any other dietary preferences or requirements, be sure to let us know. We use our signature spices to bring alive the aroma and tastes of an authentic Indian meal.
Dine with us any day of the week, or join us for our lunch buffet on week days. If you are in a hurry, we will be happy to keep your order ready for a take out or, even deliver if you are in the area.
142 Clinton Street,
Schenectady, NY -12305
Phone : (518)-370-3664
Fax : (518)-370-3659


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